10 Safe Cleaning Tools for Seniors to Use: Maintaining Independence

We all want our homes to stay safe, clean, and free from germs and bacteria. However, certain factors limit us from doing so. Factors may include disability, immobility, or lack of energy to clean. All of these point directly to old age.

Fortunately, seniors no longer have to burden themselves with arduous house chores. This is because technological innovations nowadays gave older adults ways to keep their houses clean despite old age.

Content Summary

Below is a summary of the 10 safe cleaning tools that seniors can use.

10 Cleaning Tools for Seniors

Robot Mop

Before, using a mop requires both patience and physical strength to remove all the dirt on the floor. What’s even more tiresome is that you need to manually clean the cloth afterward. Though this may not be a problem for most people, older adults have limited physical strength to do all the work.

To solve this issue, manufacturers created newly designed Robot Mops where it can keep your home well-sanitized without having to perform the arduous task of manually mopping the floor. All you have to do is put the device on the floor or surface you want to clean, activate it, and wait for it to finish.


Our skin becomes more sensitive with age, that’s why regularly washing the dishes can become more of a challenge than a chore for seniors. Additionally, with the pressure and hand movements required in washing the dishes, it’s no longer ideal for seniors to do this chore.

Having a dishwasher can be a big help for seniors, especially those with mobility problems since all they have to do is rinse the dirty dishes and carefully place them in the dishwasher before setting and turning it on.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If a robot or electric mop is not an ideal house cleaner for you, then you might like a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner instead. Not only can it lift all the arduous tasks of seniors in cleaning the whole house, but it also gives them more time to relax and enjoy other recreational activities while it does its job.

There are many Robotic Vaccum Cleaners available on the market, but it’s wise to choose the most user-friendly option so that you don’t have to do some complicated steps before being able to use it.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths are the latest and most recommended cleaning cloths nowadays. Microfiber refers to a fabric that consists of ultra-thin absorbent fibers. This is an ideal choice for seniors with limited strength and mobility since it can clean off dust and dirt ten times better than traditional fabrics.

Electric Scrub Brush

This is ideal for seniors who want to remove tough dirt and grime on the floor and other surfaces. This machine functions like an electric toothbrush where you can just turn it on and the bristles will automatically move.

Seniors don’t need to make hard efforts to manually scrub off stubborn grime since all you have to do is place the end of the Electric Scrub on the surface you want to clean, activate it, and move it slowly throughout the surface as it does its job.

UV Light Sanitizer Box

Our stuff like gadgets, glasses, and accessories contain millions of germs and bacteria that may potentially cause various diseases, especially in seniors. That’s the main reason why UV Light Sanitizer Box is created.

This handy box uses an ideal amount of Ultra Violet light (UV) to kill 99.9 percent of disease-causing germs and potentially prevent the spread of harmful viruses.

Extendable Handles

Cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces like nooks and ceilings can be hard for seniors especially those with limited mobility because they cannot bend or stretch their arms properly. Fortunately, Extendable Handles can address this issue.

All you have to do it to connect this extendable handle to your traditional broom, rake, or brush and use it to reach ceilings or corners. You might also want to opt for traditional cleaning tools that have built-in extendable handles for your convenience.

Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Windows are one of the places where dust gets easily accumulated, and we sure don’t want to have dusty and blurry windows or the rest of the house will look dull and unhygienic.

Cleaning windows requires a lot of effort and older adults are no longer suitable for this type of chore. To solve this problem, we recommend investing in an Automatic Window Cleaning Robot. It’s remote controlled so all you have to do is to press a few buttons and voila! You have sparkling clean windows without even breaking a sweat.

Pluggable Air Sanitizer

Making sure that the floor and surfaces are clean is not enough to make your home free from germs and bacteria because they can also be scattered in the air. If you want to have a hygienic, germ-free environment at home, Pluggable Air Sanitizer will do the trick.

Having an Air Sanitizer at home helps kill bacteria and viruses lurking in the air, thus reducing the risk of bacterial or viral infection. This kind of device is also very user-friendly since you only have to plug it in and make a few clicks to get it working.

Long Reach Duster

Removing dust from hard-to-reach areas can give seniors extra difficult tasks, especially for those with mobility problems. That’s why it’s important to opt for a long-reach duster.

Final Word

Cleaning the house can be a bit difficult for seniors considering that they have limited mobility and strength. The good thing nowadays is that many technological innovations make house chores easier to accomplish.

Senior Gadgets: Enhancing Health, Wellness, and Leisure in the Golden Years

Senior gadgets are specifically designed electronic devices and technologies that cater to the unique needs and preferences of older adults. With the continuous advancement of technology, we have entered a new era where media has become more accessible and tasks have become easier to accomplish.

These advancements also made a way to make seniors’ lives easier as more and more senior-friendly gadgets and technologies are being launched. From transportation and companionship to shopping and eating, there are many gadgets and technologies that are specially made for seniors. In this article, I will share 15 of the best senior-friendly technologies you might need.

Benefits of Technology to Seniors

Technology has a lot of benefits to offer not just to the younger generation, but also to seniors. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from these ever-fast-changing technologies:

15 Best Senior-Friendly Gadgets and Technologies

Get a glimpse of some of the best gadgets, apps, and other technologies for seniors in the list below.

For Food Delivery

  1. Insta Cart - This app is made to make your shopping easier and less hassle. All you have to do is tap on the products you want to buy, add them to your cart, set your delivery address, then just wait for them to arrive at your doorstep. This innovation is most beneficial for seniors who have mobility problems.
  2. Uber Eats - Whether you are craving something or you just don’t have someone to cook for you, you can easily access menus from different restaurants. Once you have chosen your order, all you have to do is click the checkout button and wait for it to arrive right at your doorstep.
  3. Grub Hub - This is another popular food delivery service app that has access to many big and small-time restaurants so rest assured you have access to the cheapest meals near you!

For Transportation

  1. Uber - This is one of the most popular transportation apps in the US. You just have to download the app to access its features. With its senior-friendly interface, it can be easier for older adults to familiarize its features. This is most beneficial for seniors who have errands but has difficulty driving.
  2. Gogo Grandparent - This is another transport service that is specially developed for seniors. The good thing about Gogo Grandparent is that you don’t have to download the app, instead, you can call their service number: 1 (855) 464-6872 then they’ll be the one to call a ride for you.

For Companion

  1. ElliQ - This is the latest and most popular technology designed for seniors. It functions as a companion that does a lot of features like initiating a casual conversation, summoning help, dialing a number, making a video call, or sending text messages. ElliQ has a built-in AI, which means that it can sense a variety of signals and detect if there is something wrong.
  2. Companion Pet Cat - If you are one of those people who love cats as their companions, you might be interested in this new animatronic pet cat. Specifically made for seniors to help combat chronic loneliness and depression, because there’s nothing more comforting than a furry friend lying on your lap. What makes this a good option for seniors is that, compared to an actual pet cat, you don’t have to do arduous tasks of feeding, grooming, and cleaning, which is hard for seniors with mobility problems.
  3. Companion Pet Dog - If you’re not fond of cats, then you can opt for an electronic pet dog instead. This is another version of animatronic pets, which does the same purpose as the cat version.
  4. FaceTime - There’s nothing more therapeutic than being connected with your friends and relatives even if you are far apart. With the advancements in communication technology, many apps and software have emerged to make loved ones closer. Apps like FaceTime are one of the leading senior-friendly apps for seniors where they can make audio or video calls with loved ones. It also has a variety of features like group calls, screen sharing, and share play to make moments more memorable.

For Entertainment and Leisure

  1. GrandPad - Unlike regular tablets, GrandPad is specially designed for seniors who cannot keep up with the complexity of modern tech. It is ergonomic because it has pre-programmed and built-in apps for entertainment, video calling, messaging, and photo viewing. All you have to do is turn it on and discover! Another thing that makes GrandPad very convenient is that there is 24/7 available customer service in case there are any problems encountered with the gadget.
  2. Amazon Kindle Paper White - For all-time book fanatics, instead of storing heavy physical books on your bookshelf, why not load up your favorite books in one, portable, and easy-to-carry gadget? Amazon Kindle Paper White is a more convenient way of storing literary pieces. Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning and maintaining your books, especially for seniors who have joint, muscle, and bone problems.

For Health and Wellness

  1. The Hero Pill Dispenser - This is another new device specially designed for seniors. This helps in keeping you and your loved ones updated with the schedules of your medications. It’s all automatic and it is designed to give alerts when it’s time to take a medication.
  2. Life Station Sidekick Mobile Medical Alert - As people age, they get more prone to falls. In fact, falls are one of the most common causes of injuries among seniors. That’s why innovators have made a device so that seniors can easily get help when they slip or fall. This device is lightweight and you can wear it with you all the time. All you have to do is press the button and the device will automatically call for help. It even has a GPS feature so that responders can easily locate you.
  3. Fitbit - With the Fitbit fitness tracker, you can monitor your heart rate, burned calories, hours of sleep, and other vitals. This is a great gadget for seniors who are keeping up with their fitness goals.
  4. Vital Band - This is a device that is similar to Fitbit but has additional features like fall detection and medication reminders aside from monitoring vitals. This is a great option if you are looking for an all-in-one fitness, health, and wellness gadget.

Final Thoughts

We are already in an era where technology is already part of our daily lives. It doesn’t merely give us access to various content and entertainment, but it also makes our lives more convenient. We can even reach out to our loved ones and have companions we never knew would exist.

Dating Sites for Seniors: Finding Companionship in Your Golden Years

A trend in the dating world is growing wherein, dating became more accessible and easier for singles around the world through the use of online dating sites. With that said developers of such apps make sure that their platforms are as inclusive as possible, even to older adults.

Given that there are many dating sites for seniors out there, choosing one can be a challenge, especially for newbies. But you do not have to worry because, in this article, we will make your search easier as we share eight of the best dating apps for seniors.

What are Dating Sites?

Dating sites are online platforms made for single men and women to help them find a partner based on their preferences. Most dating sites are user-friendly, meaning even newbie users can easily familiarize themselves with the platform’s functions.

With dating platforms becoming a trend nowadays, finding a partner became easier and quicker. You are even in control of what you are looking for in a potential partner. This works by filtering out profiles in the app based on your preferred type of relationship, your interests, hobbies, profession, and even beliefs.

Pros and Cons

There are many advantages to using dating sites, however, it also comes with a few disadvantages. Below is a list of the pros and cons of dating sites.



Best Dating Sites for Seniors

Here are the eight best dating sites seniors might want to try


Eharmony is one of the most recommended dating apps for seniors. It comes with features that allow users to find the most suitable matches. This works by giving the users a questionnaire upon creating their accounts. The questionnaire allows the app to determine the user’s personality, interests, positive traits, beliefs, etc. which then will be the basis for finding the most compatible match.

Sex therapists usually recommend Eharmony to their clients due to its high success rate and positive reviews. So if you are a senior who is looking for a serious relationship and not just some temporal fling, Eharmony might be just the thing for you. Although to access its premium features, expect to pay quite a large sum.

Our Time

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can opt for Our Time instead. This app is specifically designed for adults aged 50 and above who are on a budget. Compared to Eharmony which makes you pay 60 dollars per month for six months, Our Time comes at a more affordable price of 12 dollars per month for six months.

Also, just like Eharmony, Our Time is recommended by sex therapists as it has a high success rate for finding a long-term partner.


Known for its user-friendly design, OKCupid makes a good dating app for seniors who are new to online dating. Just like Our Time, this app also lets users answer lots of questions about their interests, hobbies, beliefs, and other preferences. This then will be the basis of determining people with the most compatibility.

Fun fact, OKCupid is created by a group of math majors from Harvard University so the app follows a certain reliable algorithm for matching people. You can use the free version of the app just fine, but if you want to access all its amazing features, you can choose between 17 dollars per month within six months or 35 dollars on a month-to-month basis contract.

Silver Singles

Silversingles is another dating app designed for seniors looking for companionship and serious relationship. Though it comes out quite more expensive than other dating sites for seniors, it is committed to matching older adults for a really successful relationship.

Price ranges from 25 dollars per month for 12 months, 35 dollars per month for six months, or 45 dollars per month for three months. However, you need to pay the contract via a lump sum.

Elite Singles

Do you want to look for a partner of your standards? Elite Singles might be the right dating app for you. It only caters to individuals who are looking for a serious relationship. Elite Singles also have a majority of users with university degrees and are over 30 years old.

Just like OKCupid, Elite Singles uses a reliable algorithm to match people based on their preferences. The probability of finding the best match is also high because of the app’s millions of users worldwide.

Black People Meet

Black People Meet is a dating site specifically for black people who want to find either a serious relationship or a fling. The app is under the parent company, People Media, which is the same parent company of Our Time. Just like the Our Time app, Black People Meet is affordable and user-friendly making it a good app for black seniors.

The lowest subscription price is 42 dollars one-time-payment for three-month access to its premium features.


Another senior-friendly dating site for seniors is Zoosk. Though the platform caters to users in their 20s or 30s, there are still a lot of seniors using the platform and looking for a serious relationship.

You can use the free version just fine, but to access all its features, you need to pay 10 to 15 dollars per month depending on the plan you choose.

Senior Match

Specifically designed for seniors looking for long-term and serious relationships. SeniorMatch functions the same as most dating apps, but it has a more user-friendly interface suitable for seniors over 50.

It also comes at an affordable price starting at 20 dollars per month for three-month access to all features.

Final Word

Online dating is a growing trend in the 21st century. It became easier to connect to people and find potential romantic partners from different parts of the world. However, people especially seniors should still keep in mind the disadvantages of online dating. Thus users must ensure their safety in the online world including on dating platforms.

There are many online dating sites nowadays, but if you’re looking for the most reliable choice, the list above can give you a start.

Medical Alert Systems for Seniors: Emergency Assistance at Your Fingertips

Medical alert systems for seniors promote both health and safety among the elderly especially those who have health issues and those who live alone. There are generally two types of medical alert systems, the in-home type and the on-the-go type, both of which will be discussed in the next parts of the article.

If you are looking for the best medical alert systems on the market, we will share a list of some of the most top-rated products. Along with this, we will also share other information that might be useful for your finding.

What are Medical Alert Systems?

Medical alert systems refer to devices that enable loved ones to monitor their elderly loved ones remotely to make sure they are safe and healthy. It also allows the senior to get help immediately in times of emergencies. This works by pressing the help button on the device which will then automatically contact a loved one or caregiver who will provide the needed assistance.

Medical alert systems can be in the form of wearable, wall-mounted, or small hand-held devices that are accessible and user-friendly.

What are the Benefits?

Aside from keeping seniors safe, medical alert systems offer other benefits to the elderly such as the following.

Types of Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

There are generally two types of medical alert systems which are:

  1. In-home type - From the term itself, in-home medical alert systems are devices that are installed on a wall at home. Along with the main device are other accessories like wearables, voice extenders, or wall buttons. The wearables can be in the form of a necklace, watch, or bracelet but these can only function when they are in enough proximity to the main device or base station device.
  2. On-the-go type - On-the-go types are the opposite of in-home types. This is also called a mobile medical alert system wherein it can function even outdoors and usually has rechargeable batteries. Also, unlike in-home types, on-the-go types have GPS tracking feature that helps loved ones keep track of their elderly loved one with the places they visit.

There are subtypes of on-the-go medical alert systems which are the following:

Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

The following are the top-rated medical alert systems for seniors that you should consider buying:

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is one of the renowned companies that develop medical alert systems for the elderly. It has also undergone successful accreditation with the BBB Accreditation which means it guarantees quality service and products. Moreover, Medical Guardian offers a variety of options to choose from at a reasonable price.

The only downside of Medical Guardian though, is the additional charges and fees you need to pay if you avail add-on features like fall detection.

Mobile Help

Just like Medical Guardian, Mobile Help offers a wide variety of options, affordable prices, and fast response time. Response time refers to the period between the time the user pressed the emergency button and the time when the device automatically calls a loved one or an emergency hotline. Also, with its high satisfaction ratings, Mobile Help guarantees quality services for its customers at all times.

Bay Alarm Medical

If you’re looking for a combination of quality and affordability, Bay Alarm Medical is a good choice. It is one of the most affordable medical alert systems on the market. For as low as 25 dollars a month, you can now avail of an in-home type of medical alert system. Though plan options may not be as many as its other competitors, the options available have features that can cater to seniors’ primary needs.

Life Fone

Life Fone is a high-rated company when it comes to discounts, promos, and free services. It comes with no extra fees, a lifetime warranty, and discounts for selected policies. Thus, the company makes a good candidate for seniors looking up to save extra dollars for a medical alert system.


Lively, aside from its famous mobile phones for seniors, also offers a variety of options when it comes to Medical alert systems. It offers services like fall detection, nurse on-call, and emergency button. Moreover, you’ll benefit from affordable prices and plans, which is a good option for seniors who prefer budget-friendly products but of a high-quality standard.

Final Word

Having a medical alert system with your senior loved one offers many benefits. Not only does it provide safety and security among seniors, but it also ensures loved ones that their elderly loved one is safe and healthy even if they live far away. You can choose between in-home and on-the-go types of medical alert systems depending on the senior’s preference and lifestyle.

Best Hearing Aids for Seniors: Innovative Technologies to Improve Hearing and Quality of Life

Best Hearing Aids for Seniors have become both an important and helpful device for people who have hearing loss. Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions seniors experience as they get older. This will make it harder for them to listen and communicate effectively which may later affect their relationships and safety.

Fortunately, there are many types of hearing aids nowadays that can help seniors restore their hearing. Most of them come in user-friendly and discreet designs. In this article, we will share eight of the best hearing aids for seniors.

What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid is a small device that you put behind your ears and is used to improve one’s hearing. It works by increasing the loudness of the soundwaves within the environment to make the sounds louder for the person with hearing loss. A hearing aid typically has three parts including a microphone that receives soundwaves, an amplifier that increases the power of these soundwaves, and a speaker that transmits the amplified sounds to the hearer’s ears.

People with age-related hearing loss called Prysbicusis and injury-related hearing loss usually benefit from hearing aids. That’s why it would be a good investment for seniors.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Best Hearing Aids for Seniors

Though hearing aids are indeed helpful, it’s important to assess several factors first before heading out to buy one. These factors include:

  1. Durability - We’re sure nobody wants to invest in something we’re not sure will last. That’s why assessing durability is one of the most essential factors to consider when buying a hearing aid. This factor goes hand in hand with your lifestyle and living environment. For example, if you live in an environment with changing weather conditions, you should opt for a hearing aid that’s weather-resistant.
  2. Warranty - You should also look for a hearing aid with a long-term warranty that typically lasts for one year or higher. It is also crucial to check and address any issues before the warranty expires.
  3. Mobility - There are ear clinics that provide home visits for their patients who are confined in a wheelchair or healthcare facilities. To find one, start by searching ear clinics near your area and contacting them for your needed service.
  4. Lifestyle - Before buying a hearing aid, you must first ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you have. Do you live in a quiet environment? Or do you often go to large gatherings or to acoustic environments? If you’re the former, you should opt for standard hearing aids, if you’re the latter, you should opt for premium types.
  5. Service - Some ear clinics offer packages that include various services like regular cleaning, free follow-up check-ups, or in-home services. Talk to your loved one or doctor as to what services best fit your needs.

8 Best Hearing Aids for Seniors

Here are 8 of the best hearing aids for seniors.


Some standard hearing aids are usually BTE (Behind-The-Ears) types, which makes it more obvious that you are wearing a hearing aid. Though this may not be a major issue, some people prefer to wear their hearing aids more discreetly.

Fortunately, Eargo hearing aids come in a unique CIC (Completely-In-Canal) type. This type of hearing aid is inserted into the ear canal to make it invisible. Eargo is also rechargeable. You don’t need to worry about weekly or monthly battery replacement.


Most seniors get discouraged to get a hearing aid because of its costly price. Otofonix though offers a very competitive price making it an affordable choice for seniors who are on a tight budget. When it comes to quality, Otofonix ensures that its hearing aids are made of solid, heavy-duty materials. It also has adaptive noise technology and lifetime free phone support for its customers.


Starkey is a renowned hearing aid manufacturer in the United States since 1967. What makes it a good choice for seniors is that they manufacture hearing aids that are integrated with various medical and health alerts like fall detection, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Though Starkey hearing aids may be more expensive than other brands, it’s a good investment to pay for.


For seniors who have mild to profound cases of hearing loss, Signia might be the right brand for you. They have a wide range of hearing aids and specialize in hearing loss caused by Tinnitus. From BTEs to CICs, Signia provides durable, stylish, and lightweight hearing aids perfect for seniors.


Phonak is another renowned hearing aid manufacturer that has been serving people with hearing loss for 70 years. Throughout its existence, Phonak has been able to establish more than a hundred clinics in different countries.

This brand is also a good choice for seniors who have moderate to profound hearing loss. Additionally, being in the industry for 70 years now, Phonak ensures that every patient will get what they needed the most– to hear loudly and clearly.


Are you fond of playing musical instruments? And is hearing loss getting in your way? Don’t worry because Widex offers a wide variety of hearing aids especially designed for musicians like you. Their hearing aids have wide frequency responses and can amplify about 20 kHz. Widex also ensures that their devices include additional pitch and timbre cues for a fuller sound.

Jabra Enhance

Formerly known as Lively, Jabra Enhance is known for providing high-quality hearing aids along with other services such as a 100-day free trial, free batteries, free adjustments, virtual follow-up check-ups, and loss/damage coverage. Jabra Enhance also ensures that they use the latest technologies available in developing hearing aids.


If you’re the type of person who has less patience in replacing batteries, you may want to consider ReSound hearing aids. ReSound, having been in the industry for 80 years, is known for its quality rechargeable models. Its powerful battery can last up to 23 hours, so instead of stacking up extra batteries, all you need to do is to recharge the hearing aid when necessary.

Final Word

Hearing aids are a big help for seniors who have hearing loss. Not only will it improve one’s communication, but it will also help seniors be informed of emergency alerts around them. Before deciding to buy a hearing aid, one must consider several factors as mentioned above. I hope this article helped you find the right hearing aid for your needs.

Products for Seniors Living at Home: Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home Environment for Elderly

Products for seniors living at home include those that help seniors accomplish activities easier and faster, given that age inevitably affects one’s ability to do rigorous activities such as cleaning and lifting. With the ever-fast technological innovations nowadays, it’s no doubt that there are many helpful products to choose from.

The Benefits of Living Independently Among Seniors

While most people would agree that seniors should be accompanied by a loved one or caregiver at all times, there are some who still prefer to live independently. Of course for seniors who are suffering from mobility and cognitive issues, a caregiver is indeed a must. But if you are a senior who doesn’t feel the need for assistance, living at home independently is not a bad choice.

Here is a list of the benefits of living at home for seniors.

Best Products for Seniors Living at Home

Though living at home indeed offers many benefits, seniors still face challenges when it comes to accomplishing various activities like cleaning, cooking, or gardening. In this article, we will share some helpful products to address this issue for seniors living at home.

Mobile Alert System

This is perhaps one of the most practical technological innovations that seniors should have. This helps keep seniors safe through its ability to monitor vitals such as heart rate, sugar level intake, etc.

Not only that, but seniors can also use this device to easily contact loved ones or a caregiver during emergencies. Mobile alert systems usually come in the form of a pendant or bracelet, which means it’s lightweight and easy to wear.

Fall Detection Sensor

A fall detection sensor is a smart device that detects when the senior stumbles or falls down. The device then immediately contacts a loved one or caregiver. This is a critical need, especially for seniors living alone with vision or mobility issues.

Garden Rocker Seat

Garden Rocker Seat is a special gardening tool for seniors that helps prevent back and knee strain when gardening. It is a must-have tool if you are a senior who loves staying in the backyard to plant crops or flowering plants.

Smart Lighting Devices

Weaker vision is one of the common problems seniors encounter. With that said, there’s no denying that even switching the lights off at night is a challenge for every senior. Fortunately, seniors can address this issue by availing smart lighting devices.

This product may come with an application you need to install. This is where you can turn the light on and off without fumbling your way to the switch. You can set a specific time when the lights will automatically turn on or off as well.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs refer to automatic shut-off devices that you can use on your kitchen appliances. If you are a senior or have a senior loved one with memory problems, smart plugs can be a big help to keep seniors safe from fire or electric hazards especially if they are living alone.

Automatic Jar Opener

Automatic jar openers can help seniors with osteoporosis or arthritis open tightly sealed jars or bottles without trouble.

Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is another tool that addresses mobility and dexterity issues among seniors. Instead of using a standard knife to peel fruits and vegetables, seniors can use a vegetable peeler to finish the task easier and faster. Using this tool can also help reduce the risk of accidents from using a knife for peeling.

Bed Railings

Adding bed railings on both sides of the bed offers many benefits. It helps reduce the risk of falls among seniors. Other than that, it can also aid in repositioning while lying in bed and act as a support for seniors when getting out of bed. Moreover, bed railings provide more comfort and security for seniors knowing that they are safe from falling.

Big-Button Smartphone

Owning a smartphone is a growing trend especially now that most information can be accessed through these devices. However, most smartphones nowadays can be quite too complicated for seniors. Fortunately though, some cell phone companies like Lively developed devices suitable for senior users.

Lively phone models like the Jitterbug Flip 2 and Jitterbug Smart 3 have simple controls, large buttons and fonts, and loud audio. Not only that, but both of these models have an easy-press emergency button that will directly call a loved one or a Lively agent whenever there’s an emergency.

Electronic Pill Dispenser

Are you a senior or have a senior loved one who always forgets to take his/her medicines? An Electronic Pill Dispenser will probably solve that issue. The device comes with regular reminders to help keep track of the medicines to be taken.

Additionally, given the number of medicines most seniors take, there’s a high possibility of mixing up these meds and taking the wrong medicine at the wrong time. An electric pill dispenser helps in organizing and separating medicines to avoid these incidents.

Final Thoughts

Living at home, whether with loved ones or alone, offers benefits to seniors such as a sense of independence, privacy, and authority. While this may sound tempting, seniors should also consider being equipped with the necessary tools to make accomplishing chores and activities easier and faster even without assistance. I hope this article helped you find the right products for your household needs.

Best Phone for Seniors: Finding the Perfect Phone for Your Elderly Loved Ones

The best phone for seniors should have a user-friendly interface, simple functions, and safety features. Nowadays, owning a mobile phone is a need rather than a luxury. One might feel left out from friends or the latest news without a smartphone. This applies even to seniors.

Now you might be wondering what specific phone model is suitable for you as a senior now that new models are getting released more rapidly than before. Fortunately, phone manufacturers nowadays ensure that their gadgets are as senior-friendly as possible and in this article, we will share 8 of the best phone models suitable for seniors.

What Features You Should Look For

Using new gadgets can be quite challenging for people in their golden years since they have weaker vision, fine motor movements, and cognitive function. Fortunately, phone manufacturers found ways to make their gadgets senior-friendly.

As a senior, here are the features you should look for when planning to buy a phone:

8 Best Phones for Seniors

Here are the eight best phone models seniors should consider buying:

Jitterbug Flip2

If you are looking for a very affordable phone, Jitterbug Flip2 by Lively might be the right choice for you. It only costs about 70 to 75 dollars. Though it may not be in league with the new smartphones today, its ergonomic features like a simple menu, large backlit keypad, and SOS button make it a better choice compared to conventional flip phones.

Samsung Galaxy A14

Seniors who want to catch up with the modernity of smartphones may try Samsung Galaxy A14. It is known for its long battery life and fast charging features so the senior owner doesn’t need to worry about forgetting to charge the phone. It also has a high-quality camera and fingerprint sensor so that seniors no longer have to list or remember screen lock pins or passwords. This model typically costs 200 dollars.

Apple iPhone SE

If you want to hype up your next phone, then Apple iPhone SE by T-Mobile is just the right fit for you. It has most of the advanced features you are looking for such as high-quality cameras (12mp back and 7mp front), a wide high-definition screen, and up to 256GB of storage. It also has other senior-friendly features like hearing aid compatibility, adequate screen brightness, and easy-to-grip size.

Jitterbug Smart3

Jitterbug Smart3 is another top smartphone choice for seniors. It comes with the features you are looking for in a modern smartphone, and at the same time, it has simple navigation controls. Jitterbug Smart3 has a large touchscreen, adjustable font size, long battery life, and a simple app menu. Price ranges from 140 to 150 dollars.

RAZ memory cellphone

This model is specifically designed by RAZ Mobility and is made especially for seniors with cognitive decline. It has a simple feature that only includes phone calls. Other than that, loved ones can also monitor and control the device remotely which is a good feature especially when their elderly loved one lives far away.

RAZ memory cell phone also has key senior-friendly features including a wide touch screen, good audio loudness, and clear text. Price ranges from 130 to 150 dollars.

Alcatel Goflip 4

What makes Alcatel Goflip stand out among other flip phones is its long battery life and its compatibility with the app store. Also, just like Jitterbug, Alcatel Goflip comes with simple controls and essential features like calls, texts, and hearing aid compatibility. Also, one can never be bored with this phone as you can install a variety of apps and games of your liking. Price ranges from 90 to 96 dollars.

Consumer Cellular Link II

Designed by Consumer Cellular, Link II is one of the most affordable senior-friendly phones you can find out there. For only 49 dollars upfront fee, you can now access essential features like calls, texts, and cameras. It also has a wide screen and large keypads. Link II is most suitable for seniors who are only looking for essential features, but if you like to be more modern, there are other options you can consider in this list.


Minivision2+ is specially designed for seniors who are visually impaired or blind. It has a large tactile keypad, voice command, voice note, color identifier, money identifier, radio, flashlight, and other essential features. The device also speaks out what’s on the screen and what is typed out by the user. The price of Minivision2+ may range between 200 and 300 dollars.

Final Word

Owning a smartphone is considered one of the necessities of people nowadays young or old alike. However, choosing a phone for seniors need more careful assessment. This means that one must consider existing conditions like visual impairments, motor function problems, and cognitive decline. I hope this article helped you find a phone model that is the most suitable for you.

Cell Phones for Seniors: Overcoming Technological Barriers for Improved Communication

Cell phones for seniors offer a lot of benefits to elderly people. Not only that it helps seniors connect with their loved ones despite the distance, but it also offers entertainment, health alerts, and emergency assistance. Also, given the high demand for gadgets nowadays, a cell phone will give them a sense of belonging in the 21st-century digital world.

Cell phones suitable for seniors should include features like large fonts, voice typing, text-to-speech, simple interface, and health alerts. There are many cell phones for seniors available on the market, and in this article, we will help you find the best cell phone model that meets your needs.

What are Cell Phones for Seniors?

Unlike standard smartphones that people use nowadays, cell phones for seniors are versions that are specially designed to meet the needs of the elderly. For example, unlike other smartphones with complex controls, cell phones have simpler and more accessible controls so that seniors can easily familiarize themselves with the features without trouble.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cellphones to Seniors

There’s no doubt that owning a cell phone offers many benefits to young and old alike, however, it also comes with several disadvantages. In this section, we will share a list of the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones.


Some advantages of cell phones include the following:

Suitable for Seniors' Needs

Standard smartphones usually have small font displays, a seemingly uncountable number of apps, and complex controls, all of which go beyond the capabilities of seniors especially those with cognitive and visual impairments.

Fortunately, cell phones for seniors offer simpler and easy-to-use features. Not only that, cell phones are crafted to provide seniors’ needs such as health alerts and direct emergency contacts.

Simple Controls

As stated previously, cell phones intended for seniors have more simplified controls than standard smartphones today. For example, cell phones for seniors such as Jitterbug Smart 3 have fewer apps than other standard smartphones.

Easier Access to Emergency

Cell phones such as the Jitterbug Flip 2 have a special SOS button that seniors can press during emergencies. Once pressed, the phone will automatically contact a loved one or a Lively agent who will then provide the help the senior owner needs.

More Durable than Standard Smartphones

It’s no doubt that smartphones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and others have been taking the limelight for years now. Though these phones indeed possess high-end features that meet the demands of the young generation, oftentimes, manufacturers forget the value of durability.

Cell phones for seniors are crafted with a primary focus on practicality and durability. In fact, compared to standard smartphones, cell phones for seniors can last longer without their speed and overall functionality being affected.

Heavy-Duty Battery

Another primary focus of manufacturers is the phone’s battery life. We all want a phone that can last long even if it’s frequently used, however, if you would notice, most smartphones cannot last longer than 24 hours without recharging it.

The good thing about cell phones for seniors is that they have longer battery life. So, even if you forgot to bring your charger with you when going out, you don’t have to worry about your phone being drained.

Promotes Communication with Loved Ones

Most cell phones are programmed with a phonebook where you can save loved ones’ contact info. On some models, the list of contacts can be directly accessed as you unlock the device. This helps seniors find a loved one to talk with easily, especially during emergencies.


Though cell phones offer many benefits, they also come with several disadvantages such as:

Risk of Secret Charges

Most companies that sell cell phones to seniors include plans on how much data and load limit the owner prefers to use every month. This is indeed a good thing as the owner doesn’t have to fuss about manually reloading the device to use calls, texts, and data. However, these plans can sometimes charge secret fees without the owner noticing.

No Video Call Option

Other devices for seniors usually don’t support video calls.

No Virtual Assistant Included

Though some devices have virtual assistance and text-to-speech features which are suitable for seniors with hearing, mobility, and visual impairments, some cell phones like flip phones may not support these features.

Top Cell Phone Choices for Seniors

Here are some of the top cell phone choices for seniors.

Jitterbug Flip 2

Jitterbug Flip 2 by Lively is one of the most patronized cell phones due to its durability, simplicity, and affordability. It only costs about 70 to 75 dollars, and while it may not have the features that smartphones have today, its simple functions make it a good choice for seniors.

Jitterbug Smart 3

This is another device by Lively that is specially designed for seniors. It is a fine choice if you are a senior who wants to be in league with smartphone users. Jitterbug Smart 3 is crafted with the interface of a standard smartphone, but unlike those which have complex functions and tiny icons, Smart 3 has just a few apps such as contacts, dial pad, emergency app, etc. and it has large icons and fonts best for seniors with visual impairments.

RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Created by RAZ Mobility, this device is thoroughly crafted to meet the needs of seniors with cognitive decline. Its loudspeakers, clear and large text, and smooth touch screen make it senior-friendly. It also features an accessible dial button and contact list where seniors can make a few simple taps to contact loved ones.

Final Word

We cannot deny that owning a cell phone offers many benefits. It helps us stay in touch with loved ones and friends who are far away. Cell phones also help us to stay updated with the latest news, issues, and events even in the comforts of our homes. To seniors, cell phones enabled them to monitor their health through health alert features.

Jitterbug Phones for Seniors: The Perfect Solution for Seniors Struggling with Technology

Jitterbug phones for seniors come in user-friendly designs that perfectly fit people in their golden years. Generally, these gadgets have large keys, large font sizes, and loud and clear audio. Also, compared to other conventional phones, Jitterbug phones are more affordable and ergonomic. So,  if you are a loved one or a senior who is looking for a device of practical use, Jitterbug phones are the right choice.

What are Jitterbug Phones

Jitterbug phones by Lively are mobile devices that are specially designed for seniors. They come at affordable prices and have easy-to-use features so that users can easily familiarize themselves with the practical functions of the phone.

Aside from large keys, large fonts, and loud audio, Jitterbug devices also have convenient features such as emergency calls, health alerts, free virtual doctor visits, and more. This will ensure that seniors are getting enough medical attention and care even if they are confined in their homes or if they are away from their loved ones.

Additionally, seniors can also choose their own payment plan, data plan, and add-on features upon buying one. This makes Jitterbug one of the most recommended devices for seniors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jitterbug Phone for Seniors

While Jitterbug phones offer many advantages to seniors, there are also a few disadvantages that seniors and loved ones should keep in mind. In this section, we will share a list of the pros and cons of Jitterbug phones.



Top Jitterbug Phones

Jitterbug phones offer a lot of benefits to seniors. In fact, according to most reviews, senior users are overall satisfied with their devices. There are generally two models to choose from including:

  1. Jitterbug Flip2 - For 99.99 dollars, you can avail of the Jitterbug Flip2 phone. Unlike conventional flip phones out there, Jitterbug Flip2 comes with advanced features like the 5Star button located at the outer edge of the handset. When this button is pressed, the user will be connected directly to a Lively monitoring agent to get information about the user’s need or emergency. Other than that, this device also comes with other health and safety features based on the plan you choose.
  2. Jitterbug Smart3 - If you’re in for a phone that looks and functions like a modern typical smartphone, Jitterbug Smart3 is a good option. Just like Flip2, it comes with the 5Star feature only that it’s in an app form. Other than that, health and safety features like Med Coach and Urgent Care are also available and can easily be accessed through the device’s built-in apps. For only 149.99 dollars, you will also enjoy additional features like voice typing, a crystal clear camera, large fonts, and internet access. This makes Jitterbug Smart3 one of the best smartphones for seniors in the modern day.

Jitterbug Health and Safety Features

Buying a Jitterbug phone will give you a wide variety of health and safety features you can choose from. These include:

Jitterbug Pricing

Pricing of Jitterbug devices will vary depending on the type of plan you choose. Below is an overview of Jitterbug’s pricing and payment plans.

Monthly Calls, Texts, and Data Plans

Plans for Jitterbug Flip2 only cater to calls and texts and not data. Plans include:

Jitterbug Smart3 includes plans for calls, texts, and data.

Health and Safety Feature plans

Health and safety features are available on both Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3.

Final Word

Jitterbug phones offer a lot of benefits. Although they have several drawbacks like short battery life, limited models, and non-waterproof devices, these are compensated with various practical features like medical and safety alert systems.

Hearing Aids for Seniors: How Hearing Aids Can Help Seniors Stay Connected and Engaged

Hearing aids for seniors should be durable and they should go with the owner’s lifestyle and preferences. There are different types of hearing aids and choosing the right one can be a bit confusing, especially for newbies. To help you choose the best hearing aid, we will share various types of hearing aids based on your condition as well as the top hearing aid choices you should consider.

Definition of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small devices that help people with hearing loss hear sounds in their environment louder and clearer. Some hearing aids need their batteries replaced every week or month while other types have built-in batteries that can be recharged when necessary.

Hearing aids have three essential parts including the microphone, amplifier, and speaker. The microphone is responsible for receiving sounds from the environment while the amplifier amplifies these sounds to make them louder for the person to hear. The speaker then will transmit the amplified sounds to the hearer’s ears.

Types of Hearing Aids for Seniors

There are generally five types of hearing aids based on style and usage. These include:

Other Types of Hearing Aids

Aside from the five hearing aid types mentioned above, other types of hearing aids include:

Benefits of Hearing Aids

While hearing aids can be quite expensive, especially for retired seniors, they are still a good investment. Hearing aids offer many benefits to seniors including:

  1. Relieves the strain of hearing - People with hearing loss struggle to hear properly, thus straining their ears. Hearing aids help relieve this strain by helping them hear sounds around them with more loudness and clarity.
  2. Improves hearing ability even in noisy environments - Though hearing aids do not entirely remove background noises, they still do improve the quality of sounds you hear. Opting for hearing aids with dual microphones is better in filtering out noises compared to standard ones.
  3. Improves communication - Hearing loss undoubtedly affects one’s ability to communicate. One of the essential purposes of hearing aids is to address this issue. Hearing aids improve your ability to hear to be able to communicate effectively in every situation.
  4. Reduce the risk of falls - Hearing loss affects one’s ability to hear not just the person you are talking to but also sound signals that indicate hazards or danger. According to the National Institute of Aging, even mild hearing loss triples one’s risk of falls. Generally, people with hearing loss are not aware of their surroundings, which may lead them to get side swept by a fast-moving vehicle,  get bumped by a random passerby, or get tripped by stray animals.
  5. Improves overall health - According to a study, hearing aids are proven to improve one’s overall health by reducing the risk of Dementia, falls, anxieties, and depression among people with hearing loss.
Top Hearing Aid Choices for Seniors

Now that you know the types of hearing aids and the benefits they can offer, you may be wondering what would be the best hearing aid choice. In this section, we will share five of the best hearing aid choices for seniors.

Jabra Enhance

Jabra Enhance is one of the most recommended hearing aid brands for seniors. Its services include free check-ups, discounts, and free trials which make them a good option for seniors new to hearing aids. Jabra Enhance is also known for its high-quality hearing aids, which is an investment worth paying for.


Lexie is another reliable company when it comes to hearing aids. Other than its affordability and flexible payment options, it offers high-quality hearing aids with various features of your liking. Additionally, Lexie hearing aids can be purchased over the counter.


A widely known hearing aid manufacturer. Phonak has been around for 70 years and served millions of people with hearing loss towards better hearing. Most of Phonak’s hearing aids cater to people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Though compared to its competitors, its pricing is more expensive but of high quality.


This company is known for its rechargeable types of hearing aids which are good options for seniors who usually forget to replace their hearing aid batteries. With its powerful rechargeable battery that can last up to 23 hours, it is a sure-win investment for anyone opting for rechargeables. ReSound also ensures its hearing aids meet their high-quality standards.


Oticon is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the market and it caters to people having mild to profound hearing loss as well as people who have one-sided hearing loss. Oticon also uses cutting-edge technology that can cater to almost any case of hearing loss. It even offers personalization services based on the patient’s needs.

Final Word

Hearing aids offer many benefits to seniors with hearing loss. It not only helps them acquire sound signals around them, but it also reduces the risk of falls and it promotes overall health. While there are many types of hearing aids, your healthcare provider can help you decide what’s the best based on your condition and needs.