Grandkids' Fun Activities with Grandparents and Other Unforgettable Things to Do

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There are many best things to do with your grandkids that will make unforgettable memories. A simple makeover, storytelling, a movie night, or playing board games are just a few examples. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, rather, it should be anything simple that will make your grandchildren enjoy it. What’s important is the time and moment you spent together that will develop a bond that’ll last forever.

September 10, marks the special Grandparents' Day, and as grandparents, why not make this day more special by spending time with your grandkids doing lots of fun games and activities? In this article, I will share some of the best things to do with grandkids that will surely make a lasting memory. Read on to learn more!

Importance of Spending Time With Grandkids

There’s nothing more important than spending time with your grandkids. Why? We all know that childhood is when fine motor skills are developed through playing. Also, parents are usually busy working and keeping the house that’s why children usually spend most of their time with grandparents.

With that said, doing fun activities with grandkids from time to time becomes crucial. Additionally, spending time with them also helps you get to know each other and it’ll give you the opportunity as a grandparent, to share valuable wisdom and lessons they can carry on when they grow up.

Fun and Memorable Activities to Do With

Still don’t know what to do with grandkids? Listed below are some great ideas:

Read Books With Them

Reading storybooks together is one of the most valuable things you can do with your grandkids. You can choose to read famous classics like Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Jack and the Beanstalk, and more!

Not only that you’ll encourage your grandkids’ imagination, but they will also get valuable lessons from the stories. Reading books with them is also one way to encourage them to be wide readers when they grow up!

Cook Together

Think about your grandkids’ favorite dish or pastry, then instead of cooking it for them, why not cook it with them? It could be as simple as cooking pancakes, waffles, cookies, or pasta. You can even share with them how to make your specialty or add your secret ingredients.

Your grandkids will not only enjoy a time with you but also learn a useful skill they can carry until they grow up.

Set Up A Tea Party

Children certainly love tea parties. What makes this a great activity is that it’s easy to set up and you can even do other games while drinking tea. Playing board games, telling stories, or simply reading a book are just several examples.

Play Dress-Up

Whether it is Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, playing dress-up is the best thing to do with your grandkids. In fact, I noticed that this is one of the activities kids enjoy the most.

You can allot a couple of dollars to buy costumes like a witch hat, random clothes, and scarves and use these to style your children with their favorite cartoon characters. You can even buy a couple of make-up to enhance the style!

Play Puzzle Games

This is another good option to do with kids. There are a lot of available jigsaw puzzles you can buy at a toy shop. You can start with a small jigsaw and give each of your grandchildren one to solve.

To make it a better experience, opt for a larger jigsaw puzzle with smaller pieces so that you and your grandchildren can finish it together. Playing jigsaw is also a great way to enhance children’s cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.

Watch Movies Together

Kids love to watch movies and impersonate the characters after. Prepare your popcorn and schedule a movie night together. You can also invite guests like your grandchildren’s friends or parents to make it more memorable and fun.

Plant Together

If you love gardening, why not invite your grandkids to join you? Despite the fact that you lack a green thumb.. there’s nothing more fun than playing with dirt or splashing water sprinklers on each other.

You can even grow a plant together whether a vegetable crop, a tree, or a flowering plant. You and your grandkids will undoubtedly enjoy watching your plants grow and waiting for harvest time to come.

With this kind of activity, not only you and your grandkids will have quality time together, but they will also learn the importance of nature and the environment per se.

Visit A Park

Aside from indoor activities, you can also bring your grandkids to a park downtown and breath some fresh air.

To make it more special, prepare your picnic basket and mat and find a nice spot to eat and play. In this way, you can let your kids socialize and meet new friends. You and your grandkids can even bring a dog with you for more opportunities to play and have fun.

Learn or Teach A Hobby or Skill Together

Whether it be stitching, knitting, drawing, or playing an instrument, introducing each other to a hobby or skill is also a nice activity for grandkids and you. Not only will it help them acquire new skills and find new hobbies, but you’ll also be able to appreciate their work and have quality time together.

Draw Together

Drawing is another way to hone your grandkids’ fine motor skills. Schedule a specific afternoon or evening and call your grandkids to get their coloring materials and drawing sheets.

To make your drawing session more fun, agree on a specific object or person to draw. It can be a portrait of you, your grandchild, or a random fruit. If you have two or more grandkids, you can assign a winning title to each of their drawings afterward or assign one child to judge who has the best drawing.

Create Art Crafts Together

Children tend to be amazed by cute crafts that they see in their surroundings. A simple paper flower can turn on their curiosity and ask themselves how it was made. You can create specific art crafts together like a structure made of clay, a bag made of straw, or origami. You can even decorate your house together with these art and crafts!

In this way, you’ll be able to teach your grandkids real art that they can use when they go to school or attend an art workshop. If you want to take your bonding to the next level, why not build a snowman together every Christmas season? This will certainly mark your grandkids’ memories and carry that happy moment even when they get older.

Final Thoughts

Priceless memories are always the things that count, and you don’t need to spend many dollars to make memorable experiences with your grandkids. To make every moment count, try some of the awesome activities mentioned above. I hope this article helped you find the best things you can do with your grandkids.

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