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SBA Grants Explained: How to Apply, Qualify, and Utilize Funds for Your Business

The Small Business Administration or the SBA is an agency established by the federal government that primarily aims to assist small businesses in the country. This agency is committed to the role of promoting entrepreneurship and helping the flow of the nation’s economy.

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Wedding Grants Every Couple Should Know About - Saying 'I Do' with Financial Aid

Wedding grants can be a big help for couples who are planning to tie the knot but have limited funds for the needed expenses. According to Smart Money’s recent survey report, it stated that total wedding expenses usually range from 21 to 40 thousand dollars in the US.

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Hotel Vouchers for Homeless - Stepping Stone to Recovery

Hotel vouchers for the homeless are usually in a form of prepaid that can be used in designated hotels or motels to get free stay-ins for a couple of days to a week. There are different types of hotel vouchers and each has its own eligibility requirements, though most vouchers are intended for homeless people.

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