Jitterbug Phones for Seniors: The Perfect Solution for Seniors Struggling with Technology

Jitterbug phones for seniors come in user-friendly designs that perfectly fit people in their golden years. Generally, these gadgets have large keys, large font sizes, and loud and clear audio. Also, compared to other conventional phones, Jitterbug phones are more affordable and ergonomic. So,  if you are a loved one or a senior who is looking for a device of practical use, Jitterbug phones are the right choice.

What are Jitterbug Phones

Jitterbug phones by Lively are mobile devices that are specially designed for seniors. They come at affordable prices and have easy-to-use features so that users can easily familiarize themselves with the practical functions of the phone.

Aside from large keys, large fonts, and loud audio, Jitterbug devices also have convenient features such as emergency calls, health alerts, free virtual doctor visits, and more. This will ensure that seniors are getting enough medical attention and care even if they are confined in their homes or if they are away from their loved ones.

Additionally, seniors can also choose their own payment plan, data plan, and add-on features upon buying one. This makes Jitterbug one of the most recommended devices for seniors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jitterbug Phone for Seniors

While Jitterbug phones offer many advantages to seniors, there are also a few disadvantages that seniors and loved ones should keep in mind. In this section, we will share a list of the pros and cons of Jitterbug phones.



Top Jitterbug Phones

Jitterbug phones offer a lot of benefits to seniors. In fact, according to most reviews, senior users are overall satisfied with their devices. There are generally two models to choose from including:

  1. Jitterbug Flip2 - For 99.99 dollars, you can avail of the Jitterbug Flip2 phone. Unlike conventional flip phones out there, Jitterbug Flip2 comes with advanced features like the 5Star button located at the outer edge of the handset. When this button is pressed, the user will be connected directly to a Lively monitoring agent to get information about the user’s need or emergency. Other than that, this device also comes with other health and safety features based on the plan you choose.
  2. Jitterbug Smart3 - If you’re in for a phone that looks and functions like a modern typical smartphone, Jitterbug Smart3 is a good option. Just like Flip2, it comes with the 5Star feature only that it’s in an app form. Other than that, health and safety features like Med Coach and Urgent Care are also available and can easily be accessed through the device’s built-in apps. For only 149.99 dollars, you will also enjoy additional features like voice typing, a crystal clear camera, large fonts, and internet access. This makes Jitterbug Smart3 one of the best smartphones for seniors in the modern day.

Jitterbug Health and Safety Features

Buying a Jitterbug phone will give you a wide variety of health and safety features you can choose from. These include:

Jitterbug Pricing

Pricing of Jitterbug devices will vary depending on the type of plan you choose. Below is an overview of Jitterbug’s pricing and payment plans.

Monthly Calls, Texts, and Data Plans

Plans for Jitterbug Flip2 only cater to calls and texts and not data. Plans include:

Jitterbug Smart3 includes plans for calls, texts, and data.

Health and Safety Feature plans

Health and safety features are available on both Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3.

Final Word

Jitterbug phones offer a lot of benefits. Although they have several drawbacks like short battery life, limited models, and non-waterproof devices, these are compensated with various practical features like medical and safety alert systems.