About Us

Here at seniorsbenefit.org, we provide resources and information that will help seniors, healthcare providers, and loved ones become aware of the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle and ensuring financial independence during retirement. We also provide healthcare resources that promote seniors’ emotional, mental, and physical well-being, especially those who are living alone and belong to low-income families.
And to ensure good credibility, we make sure that our content is based on reputable and reliable sources, and is consistently fact-checked by expert journalists and writers who work in related fields and topics.
Our History
Seniorsbenefit.org started as a small online informative website intended for seniors and caregivers. At first, it covers only a small scope of topics and themes, but as our site continues to grow, we are able to provide other services such as financial, healthcare, and assistance resources usually needed by the senior population.
Up until now, we continue to serve older adults by ensuring that our site provides all the necessary information, resources, and assistance for seniors and caregivers. At the same time, we do not sacrifice the credibility and reliability of the content we provide.
Who We Serve
Our site has been providing quality service to our target audience specifically older adults, healthcare providers, and loved ones in terms of financial literacy, healthcare insurance, and other essential information that will help our targeted audience gain knowledge and awareness on various topics.
Our Vision
We envision well-educated, knowledgeable individuals, specifically seniors, healthcare providers, and loved ones in terms of finance, health, and employment in order to contribute to the betterment of older adults within society.
Our Mission
Our mission is to educate seniors and their loved ones in terms of financial literacy and health awareness so that they are financially stable and safe during retirement, especially those who belong to low-income families.
Our Goal
Our goal is to be a positive game changer in society by creating conducive and fair opportunities for elderlies in terms of healthcare, employment, and insurance regardless of race, color, gender, and economic status. This we aim to achieve by the year 2025.
How Do We Do It?
After years of continuous research and development, our site has proven its reputation for providing:
• Factual, credible, and unbiased information that helps seniors make the best out of their retirement period.
• Financial and healthcare resources that enable seniors to have a financially secured retirement through insurance planning in Medicare or other reputable life insurance companies.
• Community-based affiliates that provide services needed for seniors’ daily needs.
• Advocacy that aims to empower older adults in joining the workforce. The same advocacy also aims to strengthen state and federal programs that seniors can depend on.
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