Best Dogs For Seniors: Choosing a Companion for Your Golden Years

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The best dogs for seniors depend if their size and maintenance fit with the owner’s lifestyle. Generally, dog breeds ideal for seniors are low-maintenance, little to moderately active, and small in size, however, larger and more active breeds can still be a good choice, so long as the senior owner is capable of taking care of them well.

Wondering what dog breed fits you? Worry not because we are going to share the 10 best dog breeds suitable for seniors.

Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

Having a dog offers a lot of benefits to people of any age. As for seniors, owning a dog will give them a sense of companionship thus, reduces the risk of chronic loneliness. Being a dog owner can also help:

  • Increases opportunities for exercise
  • Give owners the feeling of being needed
  • Relieve feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Provide opportunities to socialize
  • Provide opportunities to connect to people

What are The Best Dogs for Seniors?

Owning a dog might have piqued your interest, but you need to keep in mind that choosing a specific breed requires careful assessment.

If you have small living quarters, it might not be ideal to opt for larger dogs like Rottweillers or Great Danes. Opt for smaller breeds like Shih Tzu or Pugs. Plus, since the golden age can be quite physically challenging, larger dogs may pose a higher risk of injuries to their senior owners especially if they nudge or jump on them too hard.

10 Best Dogs for Seniors

Here are the 10 best dog choices for seniors

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu pups are known to be affectionate and loving dog breeds. They are not just a great companion for the elderly, but they can also be playful and friendly to children and other dogs. That’s why it’s a perfect choice if you have grandchildren who occasionally visit you!

Shih Tzus are also low maintenance. Occasional grooming is enough to keep our furry friend looking at its best.


Just like Shih Tzus, Pugs are small dog breeds that are loving and affectionate to their owners. This breed also loves to take naps and stay indoors with their owners, so if you’re an introverted type, pugs might work well with you.

Pugs are also easy to groom since they have a naturally short fur coat, however, they may need occasional cleaning, especially within the folds near their ears. Pugs can also be sensitive to hot and cold weather, so it’s important to maintain a well-regulated environment for your pup.

French Bulldog

This breed is also sometimes called, “Frenchie” because of its adorable, amiable, and joyful nature which makes up a good companion for seniors. French Bulldogs are also playful and curious, so rest assured you’ll have lots of fun with this one-of-a-kind breed.

French Bulldogs have short fur coats with minimal shedding. This means that they are easy to groom and maintain. The owner should keep in mind though, that this breed only requires minimal outdoor activities since they have smaller muzzles compared to larger dogs. Occasional walks are enough to keep your pup in the pink.


This is a cute and adorable lapdog that seniors will enjoy being with. Maltese dogs are known to be playful, lively, and at the same time gentle to their owners. This breed can also be a good emotional therapist for seniors who are experiencing chronic loneliness since they can be affectionate especially if they sense the negative emotions of their owners.

Maltese dogs have long fur coats that’s why it’s important to have them groomed daily. Owners should also monitor their eyes since they are prone to tear stains.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or “Cavalier” for short is a flexible breed that may be compatible with any lifestyle of its owner. Whether you want to stay at home and cuddle or go out for some fun adventure, Cavaliers will always follow your lead. This breed is also known for being friendly and cheerful.

Cavaliers need grooming at least several times a week. Also, owners should check and clean their ears regularly as it is prone to dirt build-up.


Pekingese are good for seniors who live alone and who are too old for rigorous activities. This breed is also known to be affectionate and loyal to its owners. Pekingese can create an inseparable bond that is helpful for seniors who experience loneliness and isolation.

However, owning a Pekingese may require daily grooming and brushing since it has a long fur coat that seasonally sheds. Owners should also remember that Pekingese have short muzzles, meaning they are not for heavy and tiring activities, Occasional walks are enough to satisfy the pup’s needed exercise.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Also known as “Corgi”. These breeds are known for being lively, playful, and adventurous. They are always up for outdoor activities like running or traveling. If you’re an elderly who is fond of fun activities and adventures, you might want to consider owning a Corgi.

Corgies require regular grooming since they have long, double fur coats that shed easily. They also need multiple daily walks and other mentally stimulating activities to satisfy their physical needs, so better make sure you have multiple dog toys with you when you own one.


If you are looking for a lapdog that’s lightweight and easy to carry, a three to seven-pound Pomeranian would be a good choice. This breed is known for being both lively and affectionate. It enjoys regular playtime and sleep time so it’s well-suited for senior owners.

However, Pomeranians may require regular grooming considering their thick and long fur coat.


If you are a senior looking for an easy-to-train, lively, and active dog breed, a poodle might be the right choice for you. You may choose between three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard depending on your preference.

Poodles are good at establishing bonds with their owners and they love engaging in a lot of fun and tiring activities, so this breed fits well with seniors who are always up for an adventure. Owners need to do regular grooming though since they have long, thick, and stylish hair that needs to be tangle-free and smooth.

Miniature Schnauzer

This lapdog breed makes up a good companion for both seniors and children since it is known to be loving and affectionate. Schnauzers are also good house watchers since they are naturally intelligent and alert dogs.

As for maintenance, Schnauzers are not prone to shedding, but since they have thick fur coats, they may need regular brushing and grooming.

Final Word

Owning a dog during your golden years is not a bad choice, in fact, it may offer you many benefits both mentally and physically. However, choosing a specific dog breed requires careful assessment. I hope this article helped you find the best dog breed for you.

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