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Rheumatic Heart Disease: Coping Strategies and Lifestyle Changes

Rheumatic Heart Disease is an illness caused by rheumatic fever which has been left untreated. Rheumatic fever is a contagious inflammatory disease that starts as a throat infection caused by the streptococcus pyogenes bacterium.

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Chair Exercises for Seniors: Improve Balance and Flexibility at Any Age

Chair Exercises for Seniors is a crucial part of keeping one’s physical health at its peak. Whether you are still in your 50s or you’ve already reached your senior years, exercise should be a part of your routine. However, it can be hard for seniors with chronic illnesses or injuries to engage in any physical activity. In fact, it’s one reason why seniors stop exercising as they get older.

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Osteoporosis vs. Osteoarthritis: How to Tell the Difference and Manage Your Symptoms

Osteoporosis is a type of illness wherein there is a gradual loss of bone mass, making the patient more vulnerable to bone fractures and injuries. The loss of bone mass over time will weaken the bones and make them brittle. Unfortunately, this disease can’t be noticed until it’s too late.

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