Best Phone for Seniors: Finding the Perfect Phone for Your Elderly Loved Ones

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The best phone for seniors should have a user-friendly interface, simple functions, and safety features. Nowadays, owning a mobile phone is a need rather than a luxury. One might feel left out from friends or the latest news without a smartphone. This applies even to seniors.

Now you might be wondering what specific phone model is suitable for you as a senior now that new models are getting released more rapidly than before. Fortunately, phone manufacturers nowadays ensure that their gadgets are as senior-friendly as possible and in this article, we will share 8 of the best phone models suitable for seniors.

What Features You Should Look For

Using new gadgets can be quite challenging for people in their golden years since they have weaker vision, fine motor movements, and cognitive function. Fortunately, phone manufacturers found ways to make their gadgets senior-friendly.

As a senior, here are the features you should look for when planning to buy a phone:

  • Affordability - One important thing to consider when planning to buy a phone is your budget. New releases usually cost about 1000 dollars and above, which may seem way beyond an ordinary person’s budget. Fortunately, there are phone models suitable for seniors who are on a budget and we’ll be discussing these later in the article.
  • Simplified menus - Another thing to consider is the ease of use. Most modern smartphones have too complex functions, but there are still models that have simplified functions and menus that are easier for seniors to navigate.
  • The loudness of audio - Checking the maximum loudness of the phone’s audio must be the first thing to consider for seniors with hearing impairments.
  • Clearness of fonts - Aside from hearing impairments, it’s also common for seniors to have weaker vision as they age. That’s why it’s important to ensure the text size is large enough for them to read. There are smartphones or mobile phones specifically designed for visually impaired individuals which might be a good choice. Phone models with adjustable font sizes can be good options as well.
  • Safety features - Phone models specifically designed for seniors include features like SOS buttons, GPS trackers, and other medical and health alerts.

8 Best Phones for Seniors

Here are the eight best phone models seniors should consider buying:

Jitterbug Flip2

If you are looking for a very affordable phone, Jitterbug Flip2 by Lively might be the right choice for you. It only costs about 70 to 75 dollars. Though it may not be in league with the new smartphones today, its ergonomic features like a simple menu, large backlit keypad, and SOS button make it a better choice compared to conventional flip phones.

Samsung Galaxy A14

Seniors who want to catch up with the modernity of smartphones may try Samsung Galaxy A14. It is known for its long battery life and fast charging features so the senior owner doesn’t need to worry about forgetting to charge the phone. It also has a high-quality camera and fingerprint sensor so that seniors no longer have to list or remember screen lock pins or passwords. This model typically costs 200 dollars.

Apple iPhone SE

If you want to hype up your next phone, then Apple iPhone SE by T-Mobile is just the right fit for you. It has most of the advanced features you are looking for such as high-quality cameras (12mp back and 7mp front), a wide high-definition screen, and up to 256GB of storage. It also has other senior-friendly features like hearing aid compatibility, adequate screen brightness, and easy-to-grip size.

Jitterbug Smart3

Jitterbug Smart3 is another top smartphone choice for seniors. It comes with the features you are looking for in a modern smartphone, and at the same time, it has simple navigation controls. Jitterbug Smart3 has a large touchscreen, adjustable font size, long battery life, and a simple app menu. Price ranges from 140 to 150 dollars.

RAZ memory cellphone

This model is specifically designed by RAZ Mobility and is made especially for seniors with cognitive decline. It has a simple feature that only includes phone calls. Other than that, loved ones can also monitor and control the device remotely which is a good feature especially when their elderly loved one lives far away.

RAZ memory cell phone also has key senior-friendly features including a wide touch screen, good audio loudness, and clear text. Price ranges from 130 to 150 dollars.

Alcatel Goflip 4

What makes Alcatel Goflip stand out among other flip phones is its long battery life and its compatibility with the app store. Also, just like Jitterbug, Alcatel Goflip comes with simple controls and essential features like calls, texts, and hearing aid compatibility. Also, one can never be bored with this phone as you can install a variety of apps and games of your liking. Price ranges from 90 to 96 dollars.

Consumer Cellular Link II

Designed by Consumer Cellular, Link II is one of the most affordable senior-friendly phones you can find out there. For only 49 dollars upfront fee, you can now access essential features like calls, texts, and cameras. It also has a wide screen and large keypads. Link II is most suitable for seniors who are only looking for essential features, but if you like to be more modern, there are other options you can consider in this list.


Minivision2+ is specially designed for seniors who are visually impaired or blind. It has a large tactile keypad, voice command, voice note, color identifier, money identifier, radio, flashlight, and other essential features. The device also speaks out what’s on the screen and what is typed out by the user. The price of Minivision2+ may range between 200 and 300 dollars.

Final Word

Owning a smartphone is considered one of the necessities of people nowadays young or old alike. However, choosing a phone for seniors need more careful assessment. This means that one must consider existing conditions like visual impairments, motor function problems, and cognitive decline. I hope this article helped you find a phone model that is the most suitable for you.

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