Dog Parks: Mental and Physical Health for Your Furry Friend

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Just like us, our dogs need some time and space to breathe, relax, and be surrounded by other dogs. Dog parks are a good place to go whether you want to give your dog space to roam around or you are looking for people who can take care of your dog while you’re out running your errands. In this way, your dog will feel freedom unlike when they are confined in their cages all day long. Not only that but for those dog owners who live in big cities and have limited ground and space for their dogs to run and play, Dog Parks will help you care for your furry friend.

Why You Should Bring Your Pup to Dog Parks

The following are just some of the benefits of bringing your furry friend to dog parks:

  1. It gives your dog fresh air – Not just your dog, but also you! Although some dog parks are set indoors, outdoor dog parks will certainly give you and your dog plenty of fresh air while bonding together.
  2. It is a good time to take a break from work or monotonous routines – It’s okay to escape from one’s monotonous routine from time to time. Visiting the dog park with your dog will help you relax and bond with your dog. At the same time, you’ll be seeing a different environment especially if you’re tired of seeing the same neighborhood and surroundings each day.
  3. No leash means more freedom for a dog – Dogs also need to feel free. While taking a daily walk with your dog is healthy, regular visits to your preferred dog park are also a great way to give your dog freedom. Since dog parks are secured with fences, leashing your dog is not necessary. All you have to do is sit and relax while watching your dog roam around jumping, running, and wagging its tail.
  4. Your dog will be able to interact with other dogs – Just like us people, dogs also need a social life. Another thing, dogs who are too inferior to people or too protective may learn to socialize when you and your dog have regular visits to the dog park because it will expose your dog to an environment with their kind.
  5. You will enjoy watching your pet play – Who wouldn’t agree with the fact that watching or playing with your dog is a great stress reliever? If you had a busy and exhausting week and you just want to take a break, having your dog and you go to the park would be a good option.
  6. You will also meet other people – Just like your dog being able to interact with other dogs, you as a dog owner can also meet other people or new friends who share the same interest in pets and dogs.
  7. You can learn from other pet owners – Being able to socialize with other pet owners will also help you learn from them and them, learn from you in terms of tips for caring for your pet.

Having visits to your preferred dog park will benefit not just your furry friend, but also you. Thinking about trying out a dog park? Then it’s time to find the nearest dog park in your area. If it’s your first time visiting a dog park, you may consider some tips and guidelines before doing your visit.

Tips and Guidelines When Visiting a Dog Park

Most dog parks have their own rules and guidelines when you visit. However, I will just list several general tips that you might consider when visiting a dog park:

  • Teach your dog some basic commands – Since most dog parks do not require a leash while your dog loiters around, it is still crucial to teach your dog some basic commands such as “stay” or “come”. This will help you avoid any conflicts or mishaps while at the park.
  • Check your dog’s health – Dogs can be easily exposed to diseases when they interact with other dogs. You don’t want to risk your dog’s health or another dog’s health. Thus, it is crucial to make sure that your pup is fit for a visit to the dog park and is in good health, so before deciding to go, you should make a dog health check first.
  • Make sure that little furry friend has taken its vaccinations – Part of maintaining your pup’s health is to make sure that furry friend has all its essential shots. This will help in strengthening the dog’s immunity against exposure to various diseases.
  • Choose the most suitable and secure dog park – If it’s just your first time planning to visit a dog park, it’s important to choose the right one. Consider choosing the one that has secure fencing and adequate amenities that will meet your and your dog’s needs.
  • Always bring with you the right supplies – Before going to the dog park, it is also important to plan and bring all the necessary supplies such as:
    • Dog’s leash;
    • Poop bags;
    • Your dog’s collar consisting of its name (some dog owners consider having their dog microchipped);
    • Water, food, and food bowl; and
    • An air horn in case of unexpected dog fights.
  • Consider your dog’s size – When going to a dog park, it is important to consider your dog’s size. Most dog parks have separate grounds for small dogs and large dogs. It’s not advised to put your small dog with larger dogs as it might put your dog at risk.
  • Look for openings – Before letting your dog roam around the grounds, it is crucial to check for holes, unstable fences, or other parts of the park where your dog might escape.
  • Keep an eye on your dog – This is one of the most important tips when visiting a dog park. Even when the fence or enclosure is secured enough, it is still your job as the owner to watch your dog throughout the visit. This will help prevent your pet from ending up tangled in a dog fight or other accidents.

Final Thoughts

Having a dog is not just merely having a pet in the house, instead, it’s having a best friend and a companion. Thus, it is crucial to make sure that your little furry friend is taken good care of both physically and mentally. Occasional visits to your preferred dog park will not only benefit your dog but also you as the owner. Not only that you and your dog will have a good time, but it will also help alleviate your stress and exhaustion after a week-long work.

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