Hotel Vouchers for Homeless - Stepping Stone to Recovery

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Hotel vouchers for the homeless are usually in the form of prepaid that can be used in designated hotels or motels to get free stay-ins for a couple of days to a week. There are different types of hotel vouchers and each has its own eligibility requirements, though most vouchers are intended for homeless people.

If you are one of those who are in need of a free hotel voucher, this article will discuss what you should know about hotel vouchers as well as ways how to get one.

What are Hotel Vouchers

Hotel vouchers refer to the coupons given by various government, non-government, and religious organizations to specific people including homeless people.

Though hotel vouchers are given freely, there are still eligibility requirements that one must meet before getting one.

Who can Get Free Vouchers?

Generally, one can be qualified for a free hotel voucher if given the following circumstances:

Lost his/her home due to natural calamities - Sometimes, when mother nature gets upset, it leaves undesirable results that lead to losing one of our primary needs– our shelter. If you live in a calamity-stricken area, uncertain circumstances may arise anytime such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.

Fortunately, there are local hotel voucher programs that you can lean into when this happens. You just have to do your search and inquiry about organizations that offer free hotel vouchers, so that instead of staying out in the cold, you can avail of a free stay-in in a hotel to keep you warm and safe if you lost your home during calamities.

Being a victim of domestic violence - Domestic violence is one of the prevalent issues in society. If you feel like you are experiencing abuse at home, you can get a free hotel voucher from various organizations to help you find shelter while you think about how to make a fresh start.

Homelessness due to accidents - Home accidents such as fire and explosion can be devastating, especially as you think about how to find a temporary home to stay in as you figure things out.

Qualifying for a hotel voucher will help you and your family to stay somewhere safe and warm as you find a new home.

Home eviction - If you have been evicted from your current home, you can qualify for a free hotel voucher to have somewhere to stay for a few days or weeks depending on how long you are granted.

Types of Hotel Vouchers

There are different types of hotel vouchers which include:

  • Seasonal - This type of voucher occurs during specific seasons– winter, summer, spring, etc. So you should watch out for vouchers lurking around the corner at the beginning of each season.
  • Situational - This type of voucher targets homeless people who suffered from accidents and disasters like floods, hurricanes, or fires that destroyed their homes.
  • Age-Specific Group - From the term itself this type of voucher is for a specific age group. Most organizations and hotel owners provide vouchers for children, single parents, seniors, and the disabled.
Where to Find Hotel Vouchers for Homeless People

Here are some of the reliable resources you can try to get free hotel vouchers:

Government and Non-Government Organizations - Some states offer free hotel voucher programs in their area which aim to help families and single parents who lost their homes. This program is part of the government’s goal to eradicate homelessness.

You can inquire at the nearest government office or search for local programs in your area. Once you find a hotel voucher you think you are qualified for, you should submit the necessary requirements and wait for your application to be approved.

You may need to explain why you need the voucher and other important info that will increase your chances of getting the voucher.

Salvation Army Vouchers - Salvation Army is a non-government organization that has been helping the community through various programs like meal assistance, rental assistance, etc. It is also the most reliable organization you can run into if you need a hotel voucher.

There are hundreds of Salvation Army branches across the US, and to start your application for a hotel voucher, you need to contact the nearest Salvation Army in your area.

American Red Cross - The American Red Cross is another organization that helps citizens who suffer from different crises like floods, fire, and hurricanes. They offer shelter and food assistance as well as hotel vouchers for the homeless.

You can visit the nearest Red Cross branch in your area or email your inquiry through their website. If you need to contact them because of an emergency, go to get help to get immediate help.

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) - There are many catholic charities ready to help homeless people in various places across the US. With the help of policymakers, congress, as well as administrators from different states, CCUSA ensures that they provide services like hotel vouchers, disaster assistance, and health services. Apply for a hotel voucher by visiting the nearest CCUSA office in your area.

Emergency Housing Vouchers From Other Churches - Other than Salvation Army and CCUSA, there are other churches that offer free hotel vouchers for those in need. Examples of these church organizations are Love Inc., the Jewish Federation of North America, Episcopal Church Assistance Programs, the United Methodist Church, and the like.

Emergency Housing Vouchers - This is the latest government program that aims to help homeless people to get emergency housing in times of disaster. This is established with the help of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Local Assistance Programs - For families who just lost their homes or an individual who got evicted and doesn’t know where to get help, you can start by inquiring about free hotel voucher programs from your local government office.

Other Helpful Tips

Don’t know how to start your search for a hotel voucher? Don’t worry because the following tips may help you find what you’re looking for more easily.

  1. If you still don’t have any idea where the organizations that offer hotel vouchers are, you can use your social media skills to find one. Post a plea on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram asking anyone who knows where to get help and how.
  2. Local businesses and establishments may also offer help to those who are in need of temporary shelter in times of disasters so if you know someplace that may offer a hotel/motel voucher, it’s not bad to try and ask for help.
Final Word

Losing a home or getting evicted is devastating especially if there are children involved. Fortunately, there are many government and non-government programs that are more than happy to help those in need of temporary home assistance.

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