Products for Seniors Living at Home: Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home Environment for Elderly

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Products for seniors living at home include those that help seniors accomplish activities easier and faster, given that age inevitably affects one’s ability to do rigorous activities such as cleaning and lifting. With the ever-fast technological innovations nowadays, it’s no doubt that there are many helpful products to choose from.

The Benefits of Living Independently Among Seniors

While most people would agree that seniors should be accompanied by a loved one or caregiver at all times, there are some who still prefer to live independently. Of course for seniors who are suffering from mobility and cognitive issues, a caregiver is indeed a must. But if you are a senior who doesn’t feel the need for assistance, living at home independently is not a bad choice.

Here is a list of the benefits of living at home for seniors.

  • You have a sense of independence - Seniors can get a more sense of independence at home since they have better control over the activities they want to do, the food they want to eat, and the overall setup they want to have at home.
  • Makes you more comfortable - There’s nothing more comfortable than staying at your home and keeping yourself cozy by watching your favorite TV show, sipping a cup of tea, or relaxing on your sofa. Living at home even gives you more sense of freedom than in health care facilities or nursing homes.
  • Keeps you safe - Living at home can also guarantee a safer and more sanitized environment for seniors, unlike in healthcare facilities or nursing homes where seniors might easily contract diseases from other patients. This is important to keep in mind considering that seniors have a weak immune system.
  • Keeps you close to your relatives - One of the best things about living at home during your senior years is that it can keep you close to your family and friends. Even if you are living alone, relatives and friends can easily visit you without the fuss of appointments or paperwork like in nursing homes.

Best Products for Seniors Living at Home

Though living at home indeed offers many benefits, seniors still face challenges when it comes to accomplishing various activities like cleaning, cooking, or gardening. In this article, we will share some helpful products to address this issue for seniors living at home.

Mobile Alert System

This is perhaps one of the most practical technological innovations that seniors should have. This helps keep seniors safe through its ability to monitor vitals such as heart rate, sugar level intake, etc.

Not only that, but seniors can also use this device to easily contact loved ones or a caregiver during emergencies. Mobile alert systems usually come in the form of a pendant or bracelet, which means it’s lightweight and easy to wear.

Fall Detection Sensor

A fall detection sensor is a smart device that detects when the senior stumbles or falls down. The device then immediately contacts a loved one or caregiver. This is a critical need, especially for seniors living alone with vision or mobility issues.

Garden Rocker Seat

Garden Rocker Seat is a special gardening tool for seniors that helps prevent back and knee strain when gardening. It is a must-have tool if you are a senior who loves staying in the backyard to plant crops or flowering plants.

Smart Lighting Devices

Weaker vision is one of the common problems seniors encounter. With that said, there’s no denying that even switching the lights off at night is a challenge for every senior. Fortunately, seniors can address this issue by availing smart lighting devices.

This product may come with an application you need to install. This is where you can turn the light on and off without fumbling your way to the switch. You can set a specific time when the lights will automatically turn on or off as well.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs refer to automatic shut-off devices that you can use on your kitchen appliances. If you are a senior or have a senior loved one with memory problems, smart plugs can be a big help to keep seniors safe from fire or electric hazards especially if they are living alone.

Automatic Jar Opener

Automatic jar openers can help seniors with osteoporosis or arthritis open tightly sealed jars or bottles without trouble.

Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is another tool that addresses mobility and dexterity issues among seniors. Instead of using a standard knife to peel fruits and vegetables, seniors can use a vegetable peeler to finish the task easier and faster. Using this tool can also help reduce the risk of accidents from using a knife for peeling.

Bed Railings

Adding bed railings on both sides of the bed offers many benefits. It helps reduce the risk of falls among seniors. Other than that, it can also aid in repositioning while lying in bed and act as a support for seniors when getting out of bed. Moreover, bed railings provide more comfort and security for seniors knowing that they are safe from falling.

Big-Button Smartphone

Owning a smartphone is a growing trend especially now that most information can be accessed through these devices. However, most smartphones nowadays can be quite too complicated for seniors. Fortunately though, some cell phone companies like Lively developed devices suitable for senior users.

Lively phone models like the Jitterbug Flip 2 and Jitterbug Smart 3 have simple controls, large buttons and fonts, and loud audio. Not only that, but both of these models have an easy-press emergency button that will directly call a loved one or a Lively agent whenever there’s an emergency.

Electronic Pill Dispenser

Are you a senior or have a senior loved one who always forgets to take his/her medicines? An Electronic Pill Dispenser will probably solve that issue. The device comes with regular reminders to help keep track of the medicines to be taken.

Additionally, given the number of medicines most seniors take, there’s a high possibility of mixing up these meds and taking the wrong medicine at the wrong time. An electric pill dispenser helps in organizing and separating medicines to avoid these incidents.

Final Thoughts

Living at home, whether with loved ones or alone, offers benefits to seniors such as a sense of independence, privacy, and authority. While this may sound tempting, seniors should also consider being equipped with the necessary tools to make accomplishing chores and activities easier and faster even without assistance. I hope this article helped you find the right products for your household needs.

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